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Dry Hands

Dry hands are a common problem along with flakiness, itching, and a feeling of tightness. Hands also feel rough to the touch. In order to treat dry skin on hands properly, it is important...


Dark Neck: Causes and Treatment

Dark neck or skin discoloration on the neck is a fairly common skin problem in which many people experience. Sometimes, the discoloration appears in dark patches or a dark ring around the neck. Here...

Dark Underarms 1

Dark Underarms

Dark underarms are very common but can make you too embarrassed to raise your arms or wear sleeveless clothing. The dark color of the underarms is more noticeable in people with fair skin than...


Neck Skin Care

Millions of women ignore their neck area. They are likely to start taking care of neck skin when they see deterioration. The fact is neck skin is more fragile than facial skin. The neck...

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