Category: Body Skin Care


Neck Skin Care

Millions of women ignore their neck area. They are likely to start taking care of neck skin when they see deterioration. The fact is neck skin is more fragile than facial skin. The neck...

Homemade Body Scrub & Mask 2

Homemade Body Scrub & Mask

Like facial scrubs and masks, body treatments are a must to make your skin healthy and beautiful. Homemade body scrubs and masks are good alternatives to expensive ones. Use scrub and mask once a...


Dark Knees and Elbows

Dark knees and elbows are commonly seen in most people. Many women are too ashamed to expose these dark areas so they avoid wearing skirt or sleeveless clothes. You don’t need to live with...

Homemade Hand & Nail Treatments

Homemade Hand & Nail Treatments

Hands age faster than any other parts of your body as the hand skin is very thin and has little collagen and elastin. Taking good care of your hands can prevent dry hands, wrinkles,...

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